Camille is a recent graduate from the Azreili School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Prior to completing her Master of Architecture, she worked as a project coordinator in the construction industry, directing site activities on residential and commercial projects. She holds a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Western Ontario and is a founding member of the Architecture Lobby Ottawa Chapter. 

During her time at Carleton, Camille studied and taught architecture design courses and defended her final dissertation on Story Space, supervised by Graduate Director Ozayr Saloojee (Bartlett) and examined by Associate Professor Yvan Cazabon (McGill) and Vincent Debritto (Cornell).

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Toronto, Canada, Camille now resides in Scotland where she pursues her interests in spatial equity, land stewardship, and architectural narrative. Her most recent work seeks to investigate the capacity of storytelling methodology to unsettle typical conventions of program, experience, space, history, and time. 

"Storytelling suggests a movement to look not to the past, or to the future, but to the deepness of the conditions that surround us, weaving together a more complex tapestry towards recuperation and resilience. There is a deeper, quieter, slower, enduring beauty that can be employed through the use of story; shifting into tales that are neither fictional nor non-fictional, but sit in-between as simply story. Tales that delve into the thick and thin of it; opening passageways to alternative ways of understanding, diving into inquiries of language and literature."

Her work is featured in publications in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

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